Text by Peterpancake   english  |  thai

There is no better way to describe this guy in professional photography, except "Small things grow big." This might surprise someone. What I am trying to say is that this guy can transform small, simple things into something big and beautiful.

Do you have anything to say about your first roll of film?

Ridiculous! All photos were taken with great composition
and they where strictly followed what was said in theory.

What would be the most difficult kind of photography?

When I come across someone for the first time on the street,
and then, approach him or her and ask "Could I take your photo?"

You not the one who can take good shots, but you want models to
enjoy her time while being shot.

Personally, mood and emotion are my priority when I take a photo.
"Great shots" come after.

I have heard that once you asked a leading actress to pose on the top
of a garbage pile.

Well, a pile of garbage there was far much more beautiful than what
we had prepared and planned. (Laugh out loud).

Do you have anything to say about the current Thai fashion industry?

No quite authentic, still keep following others.

What do you expect to happen (in Thai fashion industry) ?
Anything is possible, but can represent Thainess, something like, boiling
hot weather, electric poles, flip-flops. Be sincere! We need to get some
great shots out of what we have. Poverty but privilege!

What kind of photography do you enjoy the most?

That would be to take a picture of a prime minister wearing a Dior suit
hugging a baby panda in a zoo.

You always dress up. Does this have anything to do with your job
as a photographer?

Nothing to do with it but dressing up can brighten up the city.

When you work, do you see yourself as a man or a women?

50% male and 50% female, would that be nice? So that I am able to
arouse someone's identity to shine.

Photography is what you do for a living or what you love to do.

Neither, photography is my "habit", just like brushing your teeth.
If you don't brush your teeth, you have got a bad breath.